Pulitzer prize winner - 1980


Photographer Skeeter Hagler is the recipient of photography’s highest honor, The Pulitzer Prize, for his documentary on the life of the West Texas cowboy. Born in Fort Worth and still based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Skeeter has over 40 years of experience as a photographer and has traveled the world on assignments and projects.

As a freelance photographer, he is equally at ease photographing the West Texas Cowboy driving a weather beaten herd of cattle as he is waiting hours for the light to get just right to photograph a downtown building.

Skeeter has an eye for the details of a subject while at the same time seeing the overall importance of the subject to society and the world.

The Texas Cowboy Collection

The men who work on the Pitchfork, 6666 and JA ranches in the Texas Panhandle call theirs “the most free kind of life you can have.” It’s a life that’s changed little since the 1860s, when thousands of young Texans rode home from the Civil War and began driving the wild longhorn cattle out of the brush and up the dusty trails to Abilene and Dodge City.

Over the years since, the cowboy has become the quintessential American hero. He has been glorified in song and story, on film and on television as the New World’s knight on horseback, free as the wind, reliable as the sun, master of the vast and beautiful universe called The West.

No photographer in our time has captured the harshness and beauty of the cowboy life as truthfully as Skeeter Hagler. The images included here won him the Pulitzer Prize in 1980. Their simple truth has needed no translation for viewers in museums, galleries and exhibits throughout the world. In touching these minds and hearts, they have become classics of the photographic art.

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